All pupils must be registered by the parent/guardian using the STUDIO FOGG Registration form. By registering you will be accepting these Terms and Conditions. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to keep STUDIO FOGG informed of up-to-date contact details/personal information.

A registration fee is payable at £20 per student. This should be paid as soon as possible after registration by bank transfer. As part of the registration, you will receive a STUDIO FOGG T-shirt that can be worn when attending the classes.

Term / Opening Times

STUDIO FOGG will open for three terms annually, the specific start and finish dates will be communicated accordingly to parents/guardians before the start of each period. STUDIO FOGG will close for business for a total of four weeks across the year. These will be during the Christmas period (two weeks) and again during the summer (two weeks), dates of which will be advised in advance. STUDIO FOGG will therefore offer 48 teaching weeks during the year.


Our classes are charged based on time (typically 45 minutes to 1.5 hour classes). Fees can be paid on either a Monthly or Termly basis; discounts apply for those paying termly.

Monthly fees are calculated based on the length of the class and the number of dance classes attended on a monthly basis. An invoice will be raised, breaking the fee into 12 equal amounts, based on 4 weekly segments (48 weeks total). Payment will be due on the 1st of each month (or first working day) and the amount charged will be consistent, regardless of how many classes are held in that specific month.

Fees will be reviewed annually and from time-to-time fees may need to be increased. Parents/guardians will be given suitable notice of any increase.

No refunds will be given due to not being able to attend class, except in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion and prior agreement of the Principal.

Additional Classes / Payment

Should a parent/guardian wish to book additional classes for their child/children, then this should be discussed with the Principal. If available, a place will be offered, and a new invoice will be raised. If paying monthly, the regular payment will be adjusted to suit additional attendance and any shortfall in fee due to starting a class part way through a month will need to be settled directly by bank transfer.

Cancelled Classes / Change to Class Times

Sometimes classes may need to be cancelled in exceptional circumstances. We aim to offer another class instead (this is usually done by extending the term one further week).

We aim to keep class times constant for all pupils but sometimes changing a class time and/or venue is unavoidable. We aim to give as much notice as possible to any changes. If, however, we have to change a class/time at short notice and your child has to leave the class because of this, the notice period (as below) will be waived.


STUDIO FOGG has a 4-week cancellation policy. Notice of cancellation must be in writing or by email to 4 weeks of fees will be due from date of written cancellation, students are welcome to continue in class until the end of the notice period. Please do not cancel your direct debit before the 4 week period has passed. We will cancel your subscription after all due fees have been collected. If you cancel your direct debit you will still be liable for any outstanding fees and a £10 administration fee will be added to the amount owed.

Photography / Videos

We do take photos and video footage of the children from time to time and use it to help with marketing. We take photographs and videos of pupils during lessons, at displays, workshops and presentations etc for publications which may include (but not be limited to) our school’s website and social media pages. We will assume that upon acceptance of these Terms and Conditions that you give permission for you/your child to be included in such photos/videos.

Uniform / Hair

Uniform is expected at all classes. New pupils may attend their first 3 classes in an incorrect uniform. Details of full uniform and how to purchase will be provided separately. Students should have their hair appropriately tied back, with all earrings/jewellery removed for safety during classes.

Personal Belongings

You/your children are responsible for your/their belongings. It is important that all items (especially tap/ballet/jazz shoes) are named. Although we store lost property that we find after class, we cannot be liable for lost, damaged, misplaced or stolen items. Mobile phones are not permitted to be used in any circumstance during class.

Collection from Class

At the end of each class, the children will be escorted to the main reception for collection. No children will be allowed to leave the reception without their parent/guardian. Please ensure that you collect your child/children promptly at the end of class. Any child whose parent/guardian has not collected them will be returned back to the studio but we may be unable to supervise them as the maximum room capacities do not permit us to have an extra body in the room. Parents/guardians understand that if they are late picking up their child, their child will not be supervised, and the parent takes full responsibility for their child’s safety and wellbeing should anything happen to them after their class time has ended.

Children of secondary school age, up to and including 17 years, are able to leave the studio unattended, but to do so must have completed a “Parental Consent to Leave Studio Form” and be signed by their parent/guardian, giving them permission to leave the studio alone. STUDIO FOGG takes no responsibility for the child’s safety and wellbeing after leaving the studio in these circumstances.

Annual Show / Performance Opportunities

STUDIO FOGG will perform shows throughout the year, details of which will be communicated to the dancers and their parents/guardians. Participation isn’t compulsory, however, if students do wish to take part, they are expected to attend classes every week during show term. If a student’s attendance is not acceptable, they may be removed from certain routines in the show, which will always be discussed with the parent/guardian as needed.

Competition Team

STUDIO FOGG will actively compete in Local/National competitions and may invite your child/children to take part. Students joining the Competition Team will be asked to agree to further, separate terms and conditions which will be provided as necessary.

Code of Conduct

STUDIO FOGG expects the highest standards of conduct from its staff and students. We strongly believe that at all times, those who are part of STUDIO FOGG will adhere to the following:

  • Always show respect to one another, to both students and teaching staff.
  • Treat all other pupils as you would wish to be treated yourself.
  • Support, encourage and motivate others to work together and succeed together.
  • Make every effort to attend every class with a positive attitude.
  • Address and communicate with everyone in a polite, friendly and constructive manner.

Students and parents/guardians are expected to demonstrate respectful behaviour to teaching staff, fellow students and the premises in which we operate. Poor behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the student being asked to leave the Dance Company. Bullying is not tolerated and should be brought to the Principal’s attention immediately.


Please notify the Principal of any medical issues or learning difficulties that may affect your child’s learning, however big or small it should be. This can help us to help them. This information will only be shared with your child’s class teacher.

Any injuries should be discussed with the class teacher prior to, or at the beginning of, class.


STUDIO FOGG offers examinations and medal tests for the Association of American Dancing (AAD) syllabus as well as Acrobatic Arts. Entry for any examination/medal test is at the discretion of the class teacher and the Principal. Parents/guardians will be sent an invitation to examinations/medal tests when the required level is achieved.

Entry into examinations is not compulsory but is encouraged.

Students wanting to participate in examinations must attend class regularly. Any student that doesn’t attend regularly risks being withdrawn from the examination. Full details will be sent via the email invitation.

Parent / Guardian Contact Information

All communications will be either in person, via telephone or written via email. Parents/guardians must provide a valid email address/mobile number. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to make sure these are always up to date. Any changes in contact information needs to be updated and should be provided in writing to the Principal. Please make sure that STUDIO FOGG emails are not considered SPAM in order to not miss vital communications from the school.

Data Protection

We understand and respect any information that you share with us and promise to keep it safe and not share it with third parties (other than our examining bodies).

By accepting these terms and conditions:

  • You give permission for information provided in the registration form to be held by STUDIO FOGG for administration purposes only in digital format.
  • You give permission for your child’s full name and date of birth to be shared with the dance school’s examination boards:
    • The American Association of Dancing (AAD)
    • Acrobatic Arts
  • You give permission to receive relevant emails and calls from STUDIO FOGG regarding your child/children’s classes.


Dancing is a physical activity and involves a certain amount of risk. Students taking part in any of our classes or events run by STUDIO FOGG do so at their own risk. If students and/or parents break the terms and conditions, they may be asked to leave by the Principal and no refund given.

Full information regarding our Child Safeguarding and GDPR policies can be found on our website:

Any complaints should be addressed to the Principal only.