Pre-school Acrodance


Studio Fogg Dance Company provides exciting and entertaining pre-school AcroDance classes and is also an Acrobatic Arts certified studio, the leading Acrobatics dance programme.

Our pre-school AcroDance programme is created to introduce physical literacy, coordination, creative movement and basic acrobatic skills to young children aged 3-4 years.

Pre-school Acrodance classes are an amazing introduction to acrobatic dance, using props and music for an engaging and structured class to begin a wonderful dance journey.

Each fun-filled session encourages good balance, coordination skills, wonderful imagination, creativity and confidence whilst learning acrobatic skills.

We keep the class entertaining, learning key skills in an energetic and fun way. Dancers will make great friends and learn brilliant skills with our Studio Fogg Pre-school Dance.


These are parent/guardian and child classes for children aged 3-4 years, so dancers gain great confidence and creativity whilst being in a comfortable, encouraging classroom.

Each skill is introduced carefully, and each step is celebrated with everyone in the class, creating a wonderful experience for all students.

Certificates are awarded as each skill level is completed and this really encourages concentration, structure and bravery when trying something new.

Class times are 45 minutes for our pre-school AcroDance classes, and there are termly and monthly payment options available.

We offer a free taster class for all new students, to see if this brilliant class is right for your dancers.


Throughout the terms, we also add in wonderful themed classes. These are very popular and it’s great to see imaginations fly with these exciting editions.



After the terms are completed, students will graduate from our pre-school AcroDance classes and we celebrate this at the end of the summer term with a graduation party!

It’s so important to celebrate every step in this dance journey in a fun and encouraging way.

Pre-school AcroDance students will then be invited to join our class 1 dance classes and have an excellent choice of dance styles to choose from: Acrobatics, Ballet, Jazz, Street Dance, Musical Theatre and Lyrical.

As your dancer starts their first wonderful steps into dance, it’s good to know that there is a great structure and support for the future.

At Studio Fogg Dance Company, our aim is to create an amazing environment for students to learn dance, grow and create magical memories.

Keeping each class fun and professionally structured, we provide many opportunities for syllabus exams, medal tests, group competitions, and also to support local community events whenever possible… giving students every opportunity to shine!

Book your free pre-school AcroDance taster class at one of our three venues today and we look forward to welcoming you to our Studio Fogg Dance Family!